Strong Poison

So a few weeks ago, as a break from Hamilthon, I read Dorothy L. Sayers’ Strong Poison.  This is the book which introduces Harriet Vane, a mystery writer, and Harriet’s in a tough spot.  Her ex-lover has died of arsenic poisoning and Harriet gave him coffee just before he got sick.  The dinner he ate earlier was shared with his cousin and he’s not known to have eaten or drunk anything else.  Harriet is unsympathetic to the jury for having lived in sin plus she’s known to have purchased arsenic (for a book, she claims.)  Enter Lord Peter, smitten, which makes things awkward, to save the day.  Fortunately, the jury is hung instead of Harriet, which gives him a short time to find the real killer.


Sadly, this is not my cover.  My cover is the lame Invisible Wimsey suit and monocle.

I definitely enjoyed this.  Sayers seems to be really hitting her stride.  I finished this in a couple days and went on to the next one which for me is Have His Carcase because I read Five Red Herrings a couple years ago for Bingo.  I have paused part way in Have His Carcase because I want to Woolfalong, though it is, for me, tough going.  I’m behind, but close to finishing To the Lighthouse about which more soon.


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