20, no, 10 Books of Summer

I finished May and began June with Dame Agatha.  I read A Caribbean Mystery and And Then There Were None in May and finished both by the 31st.  I had skipped None in reading order because I remembered whodunnit, but then it was on sale for two bucks, so I bought it and really, it’s pretty gripping even when you know the murderer.  A Caribbean Mystery is more traditional Christie, except Miss Marple gets to go on a nice island vacation.  I’m pretty sure I read this one too, in my youth.  I suspect there were more of the later ones in the library when I was reading her in my teens.  I didn’t guess because it seemed too obvious.  I thought it couldn’t be who it seemed to be because there seemed no mystery about who it was — I’m probably not being very clear here.  It’s okay, not great.

So, started the Ten Books of Summer #20booksofsummer with Our Mutual Friend which is, of course, a doorstop in print.  I started it once before, but have gotten much farther this time.  But it’s soo slow I got restless and read At Bertram’s Hotel.  Yes, less than a week in and I’m off-piste already (Or should I say, off-liste?)   I did leave a blank knowing I would do this, but I didn’t think I’d do it so soon.   So, the first book is done.  At Bertram’s hotel is another Miss Marple, but more of a crime novel like The Big Four.  It’s so so as a book, but boy do I want to stay in that hotel.   Perfect comfort, fantastic tea with whatever you like.  No idea why anyone’s top choice would be seed cake, but if it were, you could get it.  I’m back to Our Mutual Friend at the moment, which I am enjoying, it just takes such ages I will probably start something else soon.  Hopefully from the liste.



I forgot And Then There Were None qualifies for Bev’s Vintage Scavenger Hunt.

and_then_there_were_none_agatha_chrisite I guess I will go with Body of Water.    Haven’t been reading so much this year and what I have has been post 1960, but there’s still a little over half a year left to do better.