Master and Margarita Pt. IV

Get me.  Posting on time.  And for like the fourth day in a row.   If this unwarranted verbosity is tedious, don’t worry, this’ll be it for a while. I finished chapters 27-32 too late last night.  I even got into the Pilate chapters.  The ball is a magnificent scene with all the dead wrongdoers coming back to life and dancing and swimming in champagne.  The cat has a bowtie and everyone else is either in a tux (males) or nothing (females).   Margarita has a hellaciously tedious time greeting everyone as the queen of the ball, but then, after a bit of back and forth, she wishes to get her Master back and does.   He is neither well nor grateful, but hopefully that will come in time.   It seems like the happy ever after which is weird because this is a story about Satan, plus there’s still a quarter of the book to go.

It’s nice to hear you address a cat so politely.  For some reason cats are usually addressed with the familiar ‘thou’ despite the fact that no cat has ever drunk Bruderschaft with anyone.

At the ball, Margarita has to wear a necklace with a poodle on it.  This reminded me there’s a black dog in Goethe’s Faust and that this is a variant on the Faust story.   A very strange variant.   Unfortunately, I don’t remember much of the Faust story beyond the standard outline, Faust sells his soul and, well, I remember the Marlowe version and am not at all sure if in Goethe’s he dates Helen of Troy or throws food at the Pope while invisible.   I guess I should look this up.   It’s a very strange version, as I said, not just because all the weird stuff that happens, but Faust, presumably the Master, hasn’t sold his soul.   Unless Moscow’s supposed to embody Faust?   Heck, I got nothin’.  But otherwise I don’t understand the poodle necklace at all.


I do find it bizarre that the various minions keep scolding people for lying, greed, selfishness, and various other crimes large and small when aren’t they supposed to be encouraging those so everyone winds up in Hell?   Korovyov (or was it Azazello) yelling at the old woman “You old witch, if you ever find anything else that doesn’t belong to you, turn it over to the police and don’t hide it in your bosom!”    This is just one of many instances when the evil retinue is castigating or punishing people for sins they should approve of, don’t ask me why.

So, the Master has a few drinks and goes home with Margarita.  Then we’re back to Pilate and I won’t go into that, but it is still very different from the story we know.   And now on to the end.   Will they live happily ever after?   Will Woland move on with his retinue to some other country?  What will happen to the apartment?     Stay tuned for the final part of Master and Margarita next week!


One thought on “Master and Margarita Pt. IV”

  1. Yeah, the Master did not seem happy enough to be back with Margarita and out of the hospital, two things which on their own seem like they should have provoked some sort of thanks.

    I cannot figure out what the motivations are for the devil & his co cos your’e right! Why wouldn’t they encourage people to steal? Unless that horseshoe is SUPER IMPORTANT for Margarita to have. (Except I don’t think it is cos that would at least mean there’s some sort of logic to their behavior, which I think is clear this book lacks. Unless it’s to mock Moscow housing.)

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