Reading All Around the World

Since we can take our time with this and I don’t have to fit it all in a year, I decided to join up with Jean of Howling Frog and Esther of Chapter Adventures’ Reading All Around the World challenge.   You sign up for 50+ (you could sign up for all 197) countries which are helpfully listed on the sign-up page.   The writer has to be from or living in the country in question or you can read a non-fiction book about that country which is what makes the challenge even doable if you’re going for all of them.   Which I’m not.   At least, not yet.   I think my life would need to last much longer before I was willing to commit to a book from every country, but then, I’m a slow reader as I’ve mentioned before.


I think though that even reading about 50 countries will broaden my reading.   I kind of doubt I’ve read books from that many.  Could be wrong as I’ve never kept track, but I certainly should read enough to make it more than I’ve read before.

Join us in this long-term project.   Head on over to Howling Frog or Chapter Adventures and sign up!


3 thoughts on “Reading All Around the World”

    1. Yes, I really don’t know what I’ll read. A few ideas – Calvino for Italy. I have a Czech book around here somewhere. And one by Borges. That’s about it. I’ll wing it. At least it’s a long-term project!

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