Endless Night

So, somehow I’m reading things, but not finishing things.  Then a couple weeks ago a Marple was on that I hadn’t seen before: A Caribbean Mystery.   It wasn’t bad.  Stuck pretty close to the book from what I remembered.   So I looked it up and found two more episodes in that season – Greenshaw’s Folly, which I’d seen before and found so un-Christie that I read the stories to compare (huge liberties taken) and Endless Night which I hadn’t seen.  I looked at the description and thought ‘that’s not the plot of the book’ then realized I was remembering Pale Horse,  Also realized I couldn’t remember Endless Night because I hadn’t read it!  Somehow I skipped it.  Don’t ask me how.  I was using a checklist and all.   What can I say?  It’s a talent.  So I read Endless Night and watched Endless Night and the verdict is not bad, either one.

The book:  Mike Rogers, a devil-may-care young man moving from job to job and girl to girl as he likes.  Until one day in a country town he finds a lovely piece of property followed shortly by a lovely rich girl and soon he possesses them both.  Flies in the ointment: her family, a menacing gypsy and her best friend Greta who’s too controlling, but it’s nothing he can’t really handle.  It takes ages for an actual crime to be committed.  The book is two thirds over before anything happens.  But then it all unfolds pretty rapidly.  Overall, not a bad one.  Not quite the usual thing either which you might consider a plus or a minus.


The show:  The major change (ha, it’s a pun) is that Miss Marple replaces Major Philpot.  She’s in town visiting her friend Mrs. Philpot conveniently at all the critical moments during a story that takes place over a year.  Not that this bothered me much, nor the other changes which actually tighten the story a bit.  The architect is not a guy he met while being a chauffeur, but a young man Mike grew up with and brother to the young boy who died when he fell through the ice when they were kids.  This scene they melodramatically show four times, which was annoying.   There are other changes, but they would be spoilers so I can’t share.  The end, with Miss Marple in it, is kind of ridiculous.  No, not kind of, it’s totally ridiculous, but otherwise it’s not a bad adaptation.

I’ll make it a goal to finish something else soon.