A Master of Mysteries

A Master of Mysteries by L.T. Meade and Robert Eustace is the next in my Mystery chain sponsored by Bev.  It took me ages to read it although it’s both short and entertaining.  In the last Tommy and Tuppence novel, Postern of Fate, Tuppence names a bunch of children’s stories and authors she finds in their new house.  One of these authors was L.T. Meade who also wrote mysteries.  So, I dug up her A Master of Mysteries, published in 1898, and went with that.  It is a book of short stories in which the main character John Bell investigates apparently supernatural occurrences.  Some of the solutions are a bit dubious, but the writing is lively enough and each story kept me reading to the end of it.  I’ve just been reading so many other stories that I got behind in Master.


Also apparently available as an audio book if you prefer.

While not as good as Sherlock Holmes, I’m not sure why these stories have fallen into such complete obscurity.   I’d never heard of either author, though Meade was a popular and extremely prolific author.  Unless this one was exceptionally good, it might be worth seeking out her other work, mostly mysteries and stories for girls.   The mysteries may hold up better than the children’s literature, but who knows?  Quite pleased the mystery chain lead me here although no authors were mentioned in the book, so I will have to find something with either Master or Mysteries in the title.   In fact, I think I already found one, but can’t remember.   I’ll have to search the old Kindle.  It is great that so many old books are so easy to find now and are very cheap or free.   Back pre-internet I suspect I could have hunted half a lifetime for this book.  And while good, it’s not worth that.


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