13 1/2 Hour Readathon

I usually sign up all excited for Dewey’s 24 hour Readathon, but I had a big outing today and somehow didn’t get around to signing up, but better late than never, yes?   I also know I won’t stay up all night and if I open a book and lie down in bed, it might be all over as I woke up unusually early for me.   But I will give it a go.

I decided some days ago to start a new book for readathon because I usually do.   So even if it’s almost half over I guess I’ll keep to that.  And yes, it’s not going to be one of the hundreds of books I already have.    Although I have wanted to read it for a couple years now.   Starting The Red Notebook by Antoine Laurain.   It seemed to fit my mood.   More later.


9:00 – About 1/3 through.   A fast read.   Laurent – a bookstore owner in Paris – finds the stolen bag of a woman named Laure, but that’s all he knows.   How can he find her when the bag has no last name, no address, nothing to help much in narrowing down the owner of the handbag from all the women in Paris.   I’m worried though about her cat.

4/30/17 1 PM

So, of course, I fell asleep and, unlike yesterday, did not wake early.   So, even this short, easy read is undone.   Only 11% to go and so annoyed at the heroine.   Or the author maybe.   For one thing, it’s supposed to be romantic, but it’s a bit stalkery him tracking her down.  And even though we know he’s all right (this isn’t Gone Girl), it just feels a bit weird.  [Spoilerz] So, he disappears without a trace because he realizes it’s a bit weird – guess that’s a spoiler, I’ll tag this — and then it’s her turn to find him.  But she’s so bad at it, she stops asking if a Laurent works in the local bookshops, so isn’t finding him. Lazy idiot stalker!   [/spoilerz}


Short.  Cute.  Shallow.  Stalkery.  Romantic.  Full of plotholes.   Many people on Amazon seem to have enjoyed it and not been bothered by the stalkiness.   Some were bothered by how fluffy it is.   But honestly, the last three books I’ve read set in bookstores turned out to be disappointingly shallow.   It’s certainly a fast read.  If I hadn’t had my outing yesterday, I probably could have finished a couple books.

This qualifies for European Reading Challenge and Around the World.


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