#20Booksofsummer – Begin! Yesterday!

I worked out a list which was probably a waste of time as I rarely follow a list, but here they are (and for those of you who don’t know about the 20 Books of Summer you can click there and find out.)  The only problem with these challenges is they make this line of demarcation between now and the past so that I probably won’t be able to finish The Greek Coffin Mystery until September and it was getting pretty good.   I might do it anyway, but 20 books in 3 months is something I haven’t done in so long, I think it will take every day.  Half the books are on my Kindle, so I have no pretty pictures of a stack of books, which we all love.  I did start reading The Bath Mysteries yesterday, so I’m on my way.  I made a lot of them mysteries which tend to be quick reads and of a reasonable length.  Guessing at the page count for the Emperor’s Snuffbox gives me a total of 5571.   Which is probably close to right.   I used page counts for paperbacks where the Kindle doesn’t have them, but sometimes they have different numbers of pages.

Anyway, here are the Kindle books I have currently.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 2.03.28 PM

The entire list is:

A Buyer’s Market
The Sign of Four
Emperor’s Snuffbox
The Bath Mysteries
Whistle Up the Devil
Death of Jezebel
Nine Tailors
Dead Souls
Valley of Fear
The Confidence Man
His Bloody Project
I Am the Messenger
The Maze
The Bishop Murder Case
The Frightened Stiff
Gentleman of Moscow
Diary of Hendrik Groen
Sleeping Murder
Murder in the Bath

This will be quite a feat if I manage it.   I’m a slow reader and easily distracted sometimes by very silly stuff.   Last night I watched a Father Brown which stole part of the plot of All My Sons and coupled it with a perfectly ridiculous hypnosis plot.   I wouldn’t be surprised if that were stolen, too, but I’m not going to watch a bunch of terrible hypnosis movies to find out.   I realize it’s hard to come up with plots for TV and I suppose stealing them is the only option.   I certainly couldn’t write 12 original mysteries a year, or whatever it is.


Which reminds me,

I have to try to tell Roof Beam Reader  that I plan to join him in  reading Melville’s The Confidence Man.   I’ve liked what Melville I’ve read and this one is pretty short, so hopefully won’t hold me up too much in my 20 book quest.


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