First Change to List Cuz Wilkie Readalong

So, I just got all settled in, falling behind on my first book, when what happens?   You guessed it.   Alice is having a readalong and I haven’t been able to resist joining since I found them.   They are fun.   Fun books, fun peeps.   What will we be reading, you ask?  A biography of Mr. Wilkie Collins called A Life of Sensation.   I am not surprised he lived a life of sensation.  I am hoping to get the one with the cool cover with Wilkie surrounded by stars, but I guess there’s no guarantee of that.   Sad thing is, it seems to be over 500 pages long.  This ups my page count considerably for the #20booksofsummer which I did not need, but I will just have to try a little harder, because I can’t not do this.

If you’d like to join in, click on the pic