The Nine Tailors

Slogging through The Confidence Man, I just couldn’t take it any more and turned with untold relief to Dorothy L. Sayers’ The Nine Tailors.  So readable.   Characters!   Plot!  Oh, joy!   I should’ve been reading Wilkie, but well, I didn’t much.  I got pulled into the Wimsey story.  I saw the Ian Carmichael version on TV long ago, but could only remember a bit of the end.  The crime, the criminal(s), the characters all forgotten.  There’s no Harriet Vane in this one.   I miss her.   There’s a loveable rector and his wife, fine upstanding country folk, a spunky teenage girl, missing emeralds from a long unsolved robbery and a lot of bell-ringing.   More than you probably want to know about that, but it doesn’t slow things down much.  The atmosphere is great and Wimsey is in top form first helping out as substitute bell-ringer and then investigating the mysterious appearance of a corpse in the wrong grave.

I wish this was the cover of my copy

The only trouble is at the end, thinking it over, it all seems way more complicated than necessary and that certain people act in ways that are simply way too improbable.  Trying to imagine certain characters doing what they did, well, I don’t buy it, but it’s an enjoyable ride and I’m not going to let that worry me.  Very few Sayers left.  Which makes me sad. but what can you do?

This counts as a Classic with a number in the title.  I don’t think it counts for any of my other challenges.