General Report & Secret Adversary Pt. 2

All hopes of finishing the #20booksofsummer have gone out the door.   Bronchitis moved in and while I have plenty of time to read, most days I’m not up for it.   I must say I give this bronchitis 0 stars out of 5 and don’t recommend it to anybody.   So, while I am recovering it seems to take a long damn time.

Today I watched an Endeavour and part 2 of the BBC’s 2014 adaptation of Christie’s The Secret Adversary.  I missed the first part, but thought that wouldn’t matter as I’ve read the book and seen the old 1983 movie with Francesca Annis and James Warwick, which I loved.   The two of them seemed to nail Tommy and Tuppence – their charm, their joie de vivre, their insouciance, and they had a great relationship.   Christie created a great husband and wife team in the Beresfords, it’s a pity she didn’t give them better stories.   So, as I say, I thought it wouldn’t matter about missing part 1 and now, I suppose I’m being unfair by not starting with part 1 as it took a while to work out what was going on, but the writing is so turbid, so dull, so completely lacking in joie-de-anything that if they hadn’t kept calling each other Tommy and Tuppence, I would’ve been quite certain I was watching the wrong show.   Never mind that it’s set in the oh-so-dull 50s that everything has to be set in now.   I could live with that, despite the 20s being my favorite.   After all, T&T lasted as couple for decades.   If they had found good people to do all of their stories and moved ’em all to the 50s, I wouldn’t complain… much.   But they didn’t.   And I’m apparently the only one who hates it quite this much.   Every other review read it and damned it with faint praise, seeming to agree it didn’t quite work although describing it as charming and fun.   Nope.   Wrong.   They are neither charming, nor fun.   Trying to describe the new personalities given to them, I’d have to say I’m at a loss.   Perhaps they showed more of this in the first episode.   But that just sounds painful – for some reason they’ve made Tommy clumsy and having had no career at all.    Why?   I don’t know.   Tommy and Tuppence in the books are both respected for their work in this book which sets up all the rest.   They’re both supposed to be intelligent in different ways and a loving couple.   This show they barely exist as a couple.   She’s in a ladies maid outfit, but apparently hired as a secretary.   Would’ve been much more amusing to have her dress as a prim and proper secretary.   God knows what they’ve done with Albert, but apparently he made her a tape recording of a typewriter so she could spy when she’s supposed to be working and it doesn’t work.    She gets caught when it starts up again at an awkward moment.    I suppose this is what passes for humor.  Why do so many writers think they can do it better than Christie did?   I suppose because someone pays them to, but a bit more respect for a woman who is one of the best selling authors of all time wouldn’t go amiss.   She may have started almost 100 years ago, but she got a few things right.



Quite a lame cover.    If I see more of them, I might give them a second chance, but I’m not going to spend a lot of time seeking.


So what else is happening?   Not a whole lot,  I still have a few days.   I might manage to finish a book or two in the days remaining, but #20booksofsummer it will not be.    I am sorry too not to find any evidence of Readers Imbibing Peril this year.   I might just imbibe peril anyway as I always enjoy it and maybe some of you out there will too?   I’ve got no artistic buttons, no central location for reviews, and a comparatively small audience.   Maybe I’m wrong.   If someone out there knows it is being hosted this year, please let me know!

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