Northanger Abbey

Before I read this I thought it would be much more R.I.P. than it is.  Can’t really count it for that.  I saw a version of it years ago which was filmed to be more like an Ann Radcliffe horrid novel.   I’m thinking if I saw it now I probably wouldn’t think much of it.   The Gothic moments in Northanger are few, but it is a charming book.   Probably second only to P & P, although I haven’t read Emma yet.   The likable characters are highly likable, the dislikable characters are amusingly dislikable,  the flawed heroine is forgivably flawed.  The descriptions of  social life in Bath are excellent.  Thank goodness we live in a time when we can talk to people without an introduction.  Overall, just a really charming book.   I was not expecting that as there seem to be a lot of people who dismiss Northanger as a lesser accomplishment.


Jean at Howling Frog had the idea to read one of the ‘horrid novels’ listed in the book.  She has chosen The Castle of Wolfenbach and I’m reading along during this R.I.P.   The horrid novels are in a cheap collection on Amazon.   So, if you want to join us, do!  This sort of reading can be a lot of fun – Castle of Otranto – or extremely painful – Mysteries of Udolpho.   Odds are Wolfenbach will be more painful than entertaining since it was lost to the mists of time and Otranto was not, but you never know.   Sometimes quite good books get lost to the mists of time until someone rediscovers them.   I also have no idea how long it is.   Hopefully, shorter than Udolpho.   Should be fun.   I realize I haven’t sold this well, but the more the merrier, so if you have any inclination join in!

Northanger Abbey counts as a Classic by a Woman for Karen’s Books and Chocolate Back to the Classics challenge.


4 thoughts on “Northanger Abbey”

  1. Oh, I’m so glad you’re joining me, and Cleo, you should too! I really quite enjoyed Wolfenbach (just finished) and it wasn’t too long. It wasn’t nearly as bonkers as most Gothic novels; maybe that’s why it was forgotten.

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