The Body in the Bath

A couple weeks ago I finished Marissa de Luna’s mystery The Body in the Bath featuringDetective Chupplejeep and his assistant, Officer Pankaj.  This is, I think, they’re second mystery.  I bought it because it sounded good, was only $3, and it would connect with the last mystery I read in the chain for Bev The Bath Mysteries.   It’s an entertaining enough mystery with fairly vivid characters.   Pankaj is sweet and naive for a police officer.  Half the hotel staff have something to hide.  The murdered woman was a D-List film star who unbeknownst to everyone in town has come home for the holidays.   How this can simultaneously be a small town in which everyone knows everything about everyone and no one knows this actress has a sister who became a nun is beyond me.   This is the sort of flaw the book possesses.  It’s a bit repetitive.   Pankaj almost fails to solve the blackmailing case he’s been handed through poor police work and the solution I find hard to believe, but I enjoyed reading it and learned something about Goa – a region in what is now India with an unusually high Christian population because they were colonized by Portugal.


I think that these little roughnesses may be worked out the more she writes.  They could also be handled by an editor, but those don’t seem to exist any more.   Not a great mystery, but I’d like to read more Chupplejeep.

This qualifies as my last RIP book and as I mentioned above connects to my earlier reading The Bath Mysteries another good not great, but entertaining enough mystery.



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