Aurora Leighdalong Book VI

Finished part 3 of the readalong a couple days ago.  Luckily, we have this week off so catching up is possible.  Book 6 was much easier going as EBB stopped going on about poetry and reintroduce Marian Erle.   Aurora saw her in Paris.   With… a baby!   She loses her in the crowd, but by hanging around roaming the streets she eventually finds her again, because this is fiction and there’s no story if she doesn’t.  They walk all over Paris before deciding to go to Marian’s place.   Aurora is head over heels for Marian whom she’s seen once before in her life, I think?   Transferring her longing for Rodney onto this poor woman.   Marian tells Aurora at first that she found the baby, but then it emerges that Lady Waldo talked Marian out of marrying Rodney (which we all knew) and then sent her to France where she sewed, got raped, went out of her mind, not necessarily in that order.   Poor Marian.   Lady W is scum and Aurora is reluctant to tell Rodney his wife-to-be-or-may-be-already is evil, so she writes their mutual friend and leaves it all up to him.   Where she gets all her high-and-mightiness I’m not sure.   She’s awful blaming Marian at first for the baby and then does a 180 and offers a home to Marian and the nameless cherub.   Luckily Marian feels dead already or she’d feel a lot worse with this whiplash reaction.   They move to Italy and things seem to be going well.   Aurora gets a letter from a friend who has married someone named Kate.

This book was much easier to read as Aurora did not go on about poetry, but just revealed what happened.   There are three more books to go and here’s hoping they are full of events and not so much about how poetry is the greatest thing ever.   She’s making me think of Charlie Sheen when he thought he was the greatest thing ever.   Dude, you had a hit TV show.   That’s it.   You haven’t cured cancer.   I don’t mean poetry isn’t a great thing, because I think it is, but it’s not the only great thing and here’s hoping she allows a few of the other things into her world by the end.

Happy Thanksgiving to those in this country! And a forlorn hope for a more peaceful world!