Long, Dark Teatime of the Soul

Having finished Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, I just kept going with the sequel because there it was right in front of me.  Such a shame he didn’t write more of them.  This time our protagonist is a woman named Kate who is trying to join her boyfriend in Norway, though she doesn’t really want to go and suspects he won’t be there when she gets there.  In front of her is a huge man with no ticket and no credit card also trying to fly to Norway.  Kate, being the impulsive type and with her flight about to leave, offers to pay for the man’s ticket if he will send her the money later.  This almost works when it emerges he has no passport either.  Their plane takes off and a huge explosion destroys the ticket counter and a hunk of the airport.  Kate wakes up in a hospital a day or two later shaken, but miraculously uninjured and starts to try to figure out what happened.

longdarkteatimeMeanwhile, Dirk, who finally has a client with money, has just discovered this client had good reason to fear for his life.  I don’t think I will tell you how these stories connect, nor what’s behind them, because I think it’s more fun not knowing.  Adams is endlessly entertaining and you never know who or what will play a role from a passing eagle to Dirk’s strangely malevolent fridge.   Adams’ writing is pure fun and so are his wildly improbable characters.  I don’t know why this one’s never been turned into a movie.  It would be a hoot.    The only thing I remembered from this one was the I Ching calculator (I think I said zen before, but it’s I Ching.)   A fun reread.  Glad I did that.



Now I’m joining the 1977 club reading Barbara Pym’s Quartet in Autumn.  She’s frequently called a comic writer, though not by me.  I don’t find her funny generally and this one seems sadder than usual.    Probably because they’re aging and alone and I’ll talk more about that when I’m done.

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