24 Hour Readathon Tomorrow!

Readathon crept up on me and leapt out of the bushes saying, “Hi!  I’m this Saturday!”   Oops.   Um.  So you are.  I was aware in a vague way that April 28th was the day, but now it’s the 27th and I’m not at all prepared.  What to read?   What to snack on?   I don’t know!  And I can’t decide!   I am thinking I might stretch it out a bit.  Maybe read some this afternoon and Sunday.  I never can read the whole 24 hours, so that would pad it out.   It is supposed to rain, so that’s helpful.   I usually like to start a new book and read that so as to associate each readathon with a particular read, but as I said, choosing one has been, so far, impossible.   I will look around my shelves and Kindle and see if anything speaks to me particularly.  This year they are trying to collectively read a million pages.    Not sure how many people sign up for this now.   It’s gotten a lot harder to tell since some tweet, some blog, some instagram, etc.   But I always enjoy it even if I only end up reading a few hours.  I will probably blog and tweet a bit.   I’ve got a thing to do in the evening, so that will interrupt, but it is a Sherlock-based play so it’s sort of connected to books.


So, I hope you’ll join in and read some tomorrow starting at 8:00 AM Eastern (It’s the same 24 hours for everyone so depending on where you live, it could start in the afternoon or middle of the night for you.)  Get your favorite snacks, get some fun, or scary, or whatever you like books and read with people all around the world!

2 thoughts on “24 Hour Readathon Tomorrow!”

  1. I like to start with a new book for Readathon too. This time around, I didn’t finish the book I was reading this week though. I put it aside for the weekend and started fresh with a new book.

    I hope your Readathon is wonderful so far!

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