Chapter-by-Chapter Final Third

Fog of Doubt Chapters 14-18 (I think)  –  Spoilers!   Total spoilage ahead!

C.14 – The arraignment, I guess, of Thomas Evans.   Tedward comes forward and testifies Tom could not have put his car away because Ted’s car was blocking the garage.   Um, anything else?  They all ought to be arrested for obstruction of justice, but no, they all just say oh, I forgot.

C. 15-16 – Oopsie.   Kinda read two chapters.  Ted’s trial.   We finally find out what Melissa’s been hiding.  She’d seen the body before.   Only about 3 minutes before.   She also called Damian over.   She hysterically testifies about how she overheard the conversation between Tilda and Raoul and how they had been lovers and accused Tilda of killing him.   Meanwhile, it’s revealed that she had thought it was Damian and he had thought it was her.  Kids!   Neither of them seems to have a motive in any case whereas Tilda might.   I think I still have to go with Tilda.   Tom didn’t need to write a note to send himself on a fake errand.   He could’ve just said he got a call.   Or pretended he was leaving solely because Tilda wanted him to.   Rosie said Ted could have done it, which makes it sound like that will be revealed, but I don’t see how.   Melissa saw them together.  I think Tilda had the strongest motivation too about Rosie.   She would’ve had to care for the baby if it wasn’t gotten rid of.   Rosie probably would’ve done it again.  She was the cause of Tom’s being imprisoned.   Tilda may just have gotten fed up enough to tell her how to do herself in in the guise of aborting the child.  So, I’m sticking with Tilda.  Finally Cockie says he knows something.   I think this is one of the most wretched investigations I’ve ever read.   Everyone was hiding something and neither the police nor the brilliant detective sussed any of it out.

C. 17 – Only 17 chapters, not 18.   And Rosie was apparently not making it up.   I’d forgotten about him getting lost in the fog and leaving her alone while he supposedly figured out where they were.   I had no idea they were that close to the house.   But yes, she successfully made me forget that while focusing on when they finally got to the house.   But seriously, what a lame-ass plot.  I’d’ve let the old lady take the blame.   This doctor with his madonna-whore complex, not even bothering to make sure he was killing the right guy.  And that hallway busier than Grand Central Station.  A ridiculous crime.   Melissa calls Damian, looks in the hall and then takes the dog for a walk?   Is that right?   I need a minute by minute timetable.  He saw the old lady there and still brained the guy?   And they’re all crazy.   So, Tom lied to protect Ted?   I just shake my head.   Grumble, grumble, grumble.