19.5 Books of Summer

So close.   Of course, there aren’t really any rules, but it was sort of braking the spirit of the thing to switch at the end to purposely short books just to say I’d read 20.   But then I could’ve said I’d read 20 books this summer.   At any rate, I have finished the 20th — The Man with Two Left Feet.   I chose this Wodehouse because I was mislead into believing it was the first Jeeves and Wooster book.   It was, in fact, the first Wooster story with Jeeves having a couple lines.   He is not yet the gentleman’s gentleman who solves all Bertie’s problems.   Bertie has to cable to Aunt Julia for that.  It’s a cute story with a cousin of Bertie’s needing rescuing from vaudeville, at least according to Aunt Agatha, who is there very much as she will be later.   The rest of the book is a bunch of non-Wooster stories, and while some of them are amusing, mostly they are so-so.   Some are even sad.    If you long to read Wodehouse trying something more serious then this might be the book for you, but otherwise, I wouldn’t bother.   Wodehouse wrote plenty more to choose from.   I’d try those first.