24in48 – January 26-27, 2019

Just a quick post to sign up for the latest 24in48 Readathon which you may deduce, if you’re not familiar, consists of reading 24 hours out of 48 starting at 12:01 AM the 26th in your timezone.   This means, of course, it’s already started in Europe and Asia and everywhere else three hours east of here.  Odds are I won’t get much reading done, if any, tonight, but will try to fill up as much of the next two days as I can.


Should be fun, I hope you’ll join us!


1/26/19 11:42 – Kind of a late start.  Read for about an hour last night.  Will try to focus on this for a bit.

16:16 – Read about 3 hours.   Reading Dancers in Mourning by Margery Allingham.  Got evening plans so, not a lot more will happen.  Which makes it almost certain that I will not acheive 24 in 48.   Anyone for 24 in 72?


12:56 –  So, I think I managed 5 hours yesterday.   Not great.  Might do the same again.  But still that’ll probably be 7 or 8 more hours than usual and so worth doing.

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