Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon is very early this year.   Like, tomorrow.   Unfortunately, I have things to do, so 24 hours of reading will not occur, but I will try to read AMAP (as much as possible.)   I have decided to make this whole weekend a readathon and in that will hopefully read closer to what I might have if I could focus on it for the proper 24 hours.    Please join in!   You’ll be reading with people from all over the world!   This has been going on for years and every year draws in a few more chumps, I mean, readers.   You might even win a prize if you sign up and do the mini-contests.    Oh, and snacks are important.   Stop at the store and pick up your favorite snack or two.   (Or six.)  Post pics on your favorite social media.   (Or six.)   And we’ll all read together wherever we are (sort of, because as I mentioned, I have some commitments, but as they say, any reading is better than none!)  Everyone starts at the equivalent of 5 AM Pacific time so we’re all reading (or hoping to) for the same 24 hour period.



And heck, start early.   Read today.   Go late.   Read Sunday.   It’ll be fun,