8 1/2 Books of Summer and R.I.P. XIV

I only got halfway through Death on the Last Train before the end of the #20(Ha!)BooksofSummer ended.  Then, of course, Readers Imbibing Peril had already started and I haven’t signed up, but now I have and hope to read four creepy/scary/mysterious books in the next month and 3 days.  Death on the Last Train could’ve been the first, I guess, for RIP if I wasn’t halfway through it when it started.

Death on the Last Train was the first George Bellairs book I’ve read.  And now it’s been so darned long I can hardly remember it.  I remember enjoying it.  A man dies on the last train to a town whose name I forget.  Apparently a suicide, but then no, it couldn’t have been because the man had hurt his wrist so badly he couldn’t have fired the gun.  Also on the train is a detective who helps out by investigating the murder.  We meet the deceased’s girlfriend, various townsfolk, learn the story of the deceased’s first wife and the men who loved her.  Not a great mystery, but engaging enough writing that I’ll read some more of Bellairs’ work sooner or later.