A Question of Proof

So, I wanted to write this review today especially because it’s Leap Day.   Happy Leap Day, everyone!   Anyone?   Yes, it’s been a few months, I think and I haven’t been reading.   I’ve been moving and helping my mom move and that all takes way more time than it should.   Reading’s pretty much gone out the window.   I now have 8 minutes to write this review.

Nigel Strangeway’s second?  book.   First?   No time to look it up.   Early anyway.   And I don’t remember him being so obsessed with tea in the other ones.   He’s gone to a boys’ school to save his friend and his friend’s beloved from being arrested for a murder we all assume they didn’t commit.  An annoying kid is strangled in a haystack.   The very haystack Michael and the headmaster’s wife were canoodling in earlier that day.  Nigel figures it all out, but it’s A Question of Proof!   Get it?   He has no evidence.   So, he doesn’t tell anyone in classic detective fashion what he’s thinking and another murder happens.  But that’s okay because only disagreeable and inconvenient people die.

Should I have figured this one out?   I don’t think so.   Not sure there were any clues that ruled everyone else out.   There are mildly amusing bits when Nigel joins the boys’ secret society.  And I figured out what happened with the second weapon, but not why the murderer… oh, never mind.   Can’t tell you that.  Anyway, happy leap day!   Hope to be back before another 3 months go by!