20, no, 7 Books of Summer

The 7th and I suppose final book was Murder on Wheels by Stuart Palmer. The second Hildegarde Withers book and possibly my last. It starts off pretty well, a car accident without a driver. Then a body appears with a rope around its neck. A witness saw the driver leap backward out of the car. And there’s a rodeo in town.

So, a lively start, but shortly after that I was fairly sure I knew what had happened. I was partly right, but could never have guessed the whole end. Nor can I honestly believe it was written and published. He must have had a three book contract.

Piper and Withers’ constant bickering gets on my nerves. There’s a grandmother who won’t come out of the attic. An ancient parrot that does nothing but curse. So, there’s some fun stuff, maybe I’ll try another especially as I’ve already bought at least one more, but if another one has a solution like this one, I’m done.

The 20 Books of Summer was not a success from the point of view of finishing 20 books, but from the point of view of actually reading and blogging about 7 books it was a success. I have not been good about reading or blogging for about a year and a half, so this is an improvement I hope to keep going. Next up is Readers Imbibing Peril XV. – read a scary book, a thriller, a detective novel, a gothic, anything dark or darkish, police procedurals, cozy, horror or dark fantasy. From 1 September until Halloween. I love doing this, so I’m making the transition to #ripxv with Labyrinth of the Spirits which was supposed to be a Book of Summer.

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