It’s been a long, long Time…

I am surprised and please though to see a few people still stumble across the site. Maybe tomorrow’s Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon will inspire me to read more, blog again. Who knows? You might think in a pandemic I’d be doing more reading, but there’s been a lot of moving. A lot of stuff. I have a lot of stuff and I have to get rid of some of it. And there’s work. And I actually have flowers coming up. But this does not mean reading should disappear. No! So, I am signing up for tomorrow’s readathon and will make an effort to read a bunch. Not the whole time, because stuff and plants and friends, but more than I’ve read for a while. I hope.

They don’t seem to have a nice picture to stick in here. Anyway, today I hope to buy some snacks in preparation. I have some ice cream, but not sure what else. Some cashews and almonds. Chocolate. I don’t need too much. I’ll also have to decide on a book or two. I like to read something specifically chosen for the day.

I hope you will join me and many other readers from around the world! It starts at 8:00 AM EDT for everyone, so if you’re in England or Turkey or China, you’ll need to figure out what time that is for you and read as much as you can/want to for the 24 hours after that. It’s strangely fun even though I’ve never managed to stay up the whole time. Report your progress on your favorite social medium, and eat tasty snacks. Post pictures of your pets/reading nooks/reading matter. Enjoy!

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