20 Books of Summer 2021

So once again it’s the 20 Books of Summer and despite being 5 days late and trying to read Proust, I’m signing up anyway. So what if I’ve never succeeded? Damn the torpedoes! or something like that. The past couple years I’ve made lists of books I really wanted to read. At least on some level. They were tempting lists. This year I’m going for short, mysteries, or short mysteries. Only possible way to do this. Plus I’m hoping it will get me back into reading again. I’m always hoping that. It worked for a while back when I started this blog and read almost all of Agatha Christie’s novels. There are just so many distractions in modern life and I am easily distracted. So, when I couldn’t sleep last night I started a list. But I forgot to save it, so I’ve done it again. Came up with 23, so I’m leaving them all in in case I need to switch something out.

Love Lies Bleeding – Edmund Crispin: a Gervase Fen mystery

Deadly Nightshae – Elizabeht Daly: second Henry Gamadge

The Canary Murder Case – S.S. Van Dine: second Philo Vance

The Pot Thief Who Studied Pythagoras – J. Michael Orenduff: first Pot Thief mystery

Midnight at Malabar House – Vaseem Khan: set in India, first female police inspector 1950

Dear Committee Members – Julie Schumacher: academic novel, started before, epistolary

The Green Hat – Michael Arlen: classic about the bright young things in the roaring 20s

Tepper Isn’t Going Out – Calvin Trillin

Bats in the Belfry – E.C.R. Lorac

Enter a Murderer – Ngaio Marsh: second Roderick Alleyn

The Thursday Murder Club – Richard Osman

Charity Ends at Home – Colin Watson

Trent’s Last Case – E.C. Bentley

The Mazaroff Murder – J.S. Fletcher

Aunt Dimity and the Duke – Nancy Atherton

The Chinese Orange Mystery – Ellery Queen

The Family Vault – Charlotte MacLeod

The Mitford Murders – Jessica Fellowes

Weekend at Thrackley – Alan Melville

The Clue of the Twisted Candle – Edgar Wallace

Red Harvest – Dashiell Hammett

Tenant for Death – Cyril Hare

Lake Success – Gary Shteyngart

I hope something comes from this because it was rather tedious to type out. As you can see, mostly mysteries, some humor, some you’ve seen before, most are new. Wish me luck! Join in!

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