The 1976 Club

I was reminded only today about this and so had not figured out what to read. I, personally, found the list of books published in 1976 to be unprepossessing. I wanted to find something which really embodied the 70s or something which fits in with R.I.P. I finally settled on The West End Horror by Nicholas Meyer Author of the 7% Solution. I read that so long ago, but it left an impression of being well written. This one seems okay, except in the foreword Meyer goes into great detail about dating the manuscript which he allegedly had offered to him by a woman from Racine, Wisconsin. He dates the manuscript late. Post WWI. But early on George Bernard Shaw visits 22B with his gait like a ‘leprecorn’ and offers them a case. Shaw is still a critic, not having reached success with his plays. He asks did they see Widower’s Houses ‘a year or two back.’ As that was performed in 1892, we should now be in 1894 give or take. Maybe I missed something because I’m listening not reading it?

Anyway, it’s the book I chose, my second for RIP, since it fits both sets of conditions. Getting sleepy, will have to write more tomorrow

10/16/21 – Figured it out. The case takes place in 1895, but wasn’t written down by Dr. Watson until after the first World War. I’d heard it, but then forgotten.

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