Something About Me

I’m new to this blogging thing, but am very excited by the reading challenges.  I always wanted to join a book group, but never found one that read what I wanted to read.   Finding book bloggers, readalongs, readathons, and challenges has added interest to my reading and had me at least starting books I might not have looked at otherwise.

I also like movies, old and new.  And theater.

I dislike violence, revenge, and most action/thriller type things.   I also avoid really sad things. I like mysteries and the sort of fantasy written by John Crowley and Tim Powers.   Also interested in reading classics, but mostly not disciplined enough to do it on my own.

Lately (Jan 2014) I have not been able to comment on most blogspot sites.   This is extremely irritating and I hope they fix it or I figure out what’s going wrong.

6 thoughts on “Something About Me”

  1. Phinnea: Just saw your response to my password clues. You are very, very close–close enough that I’ll award you the points for guessing on clue #2. But there’s something very particular about that arrest that I had in mind…..I wonder if you know what it might be?

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Idle thoughts on books and movies. Some new, but mostly old.

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Idle thoughts on books and movies. Some new, but mostly old.

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