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I have no expectation of doing this in a year, but I think I’d like to try it and might do it in two.  I  started this on  September 1st, 2013.  Although there’s a challenge in the works to do this in the year 2014, 1) I couldn’t wait and 2) since I am very unlikely to complete it in a year anyway, I saw no need to wait.  This person isn’t waiting either:  http://learningtoloveliterature.wordpress.com/2013/09/03/89/   Because of them, I’ve downloaded Lord Jim for 1900, too, but we’ll see if I get through it. [I did, but learningtoloveliterature is no more.   Probably shouldn’t have gone with Conrad.]

9/13/14 – I was right, I didn’t complete it in a year, but that’s hardly surprising as I wasn’t trying to and I don’t read 100 books a year.    I list 29, but there were more.   Because I decided not to list more than two books per author.   Now I’m thinking that’s sort of dumb.  A way of making something more challenging that is already plenty challenging.   So, I will put in all the books even if half of them are Agatha Christie.   And I can replace any of those with others if they’re more interesting so that when the century is finished, someone trying to do the same thing can stop by and find the best ones I read.  Sadly, Hangsaman, which I just finished recently, is 1951 and so was The End of the Affair.  Ah, well.   It will take at least 3 years, unless all I do is this and that’s not going to happen.  So, that upped the count by 5.   Yup, 2 more years, it looks like.

1900:  Lord Jim – Joseph Conrad
1902:  The Hound of the Baskervilles – Arthur Conan Doyle
1903:  The Riddle of the Sands – Erskine Childers
1906:  The Man in Lower Ten – Mary Roberts Rinehart
1907:  The Mystery of the Yellow Room – Gaston Leroux
1908:  The Scarlet Pimpernel – Baroness Orczy

1913:  Seven Keys to Baldpate – Earl Derr Biggers
1915: The Valley of Fear – Arthur Conan Doyle
1917:  The Man With Two Left Feet – P.G. Wodehouse

1921:  Monday or Tuesday – Virginia Woolf
1923:  Whose Body? – Dorothy L. Sayers
1924:  The Eames/Erskine Case – A. Fielding
1925:  The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald
1926:  Clouds of Witness – Dorothy L. Sayers
1927:  To the Lighthouse – Virginia Woolf

1929:  All Quiet on the Western Front – Erich Maria Remarque
1930:  Vile Bodies – Evelyn Waugh

1931:  Five Red Herrings – Dorothy L. Sayers
1932:  Cold Comfort Farm – Stella Gibbons
1933:  Murder Must Advertise – Dorothy L. Sayers
1934:  Quick Curtain – Alan Melville
1935:  The League of Frightened Men – Rex Stout
1936:  The Bath Mysteries – E.R. Punshon
1937:  Letters from Iceland – W.H. Auden and Louis MacNeice
1939:  The Confidential Agent – Graham Greene
1940:  Unexpected Night – Elizabeth Daly

1941:  Evil Under the Sun – Agatha Christie
1942:  The Body in the Library – Agatha Christie
1943:  Death on the Aisle – Frances and Richard Lockridge
1944:  Green for Danger – Christianna Brand
1945:   The Pursuit of Love – Nancy Mitford
1946:  Joy in the Morning – P.G. Wodehouse
1947:  The Plague – Albert Camus
1948:  There is a Tide – Agatha Christie (aka Taken at the Flood)
1949:  Love in a Cold Climate – Nancy Mitford
1950: A Murder is Announced – Agatha Christie

1951:  The End of the Affair – Graham Greene
1952:  A Buyer’s Market – Anthony Powell
1953:  Maigret and the Man on the Boulevard – Georges Simenon
1954:  Destination Unknown – Agatha Christie
1956:  Dead Man’s Folly – Agatha Christie
1957: 4:50 From Paddington – Agatha Christie
1958: Ordeal by Innocence – Agatha Christie
1959:  The Haunting of Hill House – Shirley Jackson

1961:  The Pale Horse – Agatha Christie
1962:  We Have Always Lived in the Castle – Shirley Jackson
1963:  The Clocks – Agatha Christie
1964:  A Moveable Feast – Ernest Hemingway
1965:  At Bertram’s Hotel – Agatha Christie
1966:  Third Girl – Agatha Christie
1967:  Necklace and Calabash – Robert van Gulik
1968:  By the Pricking of My Thumbs – Agatha Christie
1969:  Hallowe’en Party – Agatha Christie
1970:  Passenger to Frankfurt – Agatha Christie

1971:  The Underground Man – Ross MacDonald
1972:  Elephants Can Remember – Agatha Christie
1973:  Postern of Fate – Agatha Christie
1975:  Curtain – Agatha Christie
1976:  Sleeping Murder – Agatha Christie
1977:  Coming Into the Country – John McPhee
1978:  The Human Factor – Graham Greene
1980: The Key to Rebecca – Ken Follett

1981:  Death of an Englishman – Magdalen Nabb
1985:  Charters & Caldicott – Stella Bingham
1986:  Devereaux Legacy – Carolyn Hart
1987:  Swann – Carol Shields
1988:  Utz – Bruce Chatwin
1989:  The Book of Evidence – John Banville
1990: The Becket Factor – Michael David Anthony

1991:  The Haunting of Lamb House – Joan Aiken
1992:  Aunt Dimity’s Death – Nancy Atherton
1997:  Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone
1998:  A Walk in the Woods – Bill Bryson
1999:  A Small Death in Lisbon – Robert Wilson

10/100 – 10/24/13

16/100 – 2/16/14

21/100 – 3/23/14

24  – 7/9/14

1/1/15 – 37.  So only 20-some or so in 2014?    I will try to focus on this more this year.

11/26/16 – 56/100

5/28/17 – 65/100 and that’s with filling in some Agatha Christies that I skipped.    Clearly this is not a priority, though I am getting there.   I think it would be more interesting if half of them weren’t Christie, but, well, there it is.

4/29/18 – 71/100   I keep reading books published in the same year as others.   I have to make this more of a priority if I’m ever going to finish.

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