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Green for Danger

I got this because it was on someone’s list of best mysteries plus it had a color in the title, but I am not going to use it for that square in Golden Age Mystery Bingo because it’s a medical mystery andI never read those, so I’ll save it for the medical mystery block.   I was fairly bored for 50 pages and even needed to write down the seven characters to keep them straight.   It was sort of like they were all in scrubs and I couldn’t tell them apart easily.   It takes place during WWII in a military hospital.  A postman, caught in an air raid, tragically dies under anesthesia for a minor operation.  This being a mystery, we’ll soon find out it wasn’t an accident.   Suspicions are narrowed down to our magnificent seven all of whom are brittle, stiff-upper-lippy most of the time with bouts of hysteria.   It seems to take a long time to catch the killer even though the inspector claims to know whodunnit almost from the beginning.   If you know that, why would you keep everyone together?   Hoping for another murder?   I don’t know.   This whole thing just bugged me.   And then afterward I thought, what has the title got to do with it?   It’s the color of the canister of carbon dioxide they don’t use during the operation.   Stupid title.   But the movie has Alistair Sim, and from the quotes I saw sounds a lot funnier than the book.   So, I’m hoping to watch that soon, which I think makes it count for Lucky Number 14 Challenge

11. Movies vs Books: You’ve seen the movie adaptation (or planned to see it soon) but never had time to read the book. It’s time to read it now, so you can compare the book vs the movie.