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The League of Frightened Men

I finished this last night – the second Nero Wolfe book.  I used to read quite a lot of Nero Wolfe until I read one which viewed beating your wife as an appropriate response to infidelity which just turned my stomach and I couldn’t read him anymore.   So I was in the secondhand book store and there were a few of them so I picked them up.  It was okay.  Hardboiled talk gets a bit old after a couple hundred pages.  This one was too long and I didn’t really think peoples’ motivations were all that clear.  I would like the lifestyle, though.  Private cook.  Calling the car around whenever you like.   Although I gotta say despite having a gourmet chef I rarely drool over their meals.   Corn fritters?  Squirrel stew with black sauce?    You could have anything and you pick squirrel?

Quick rundown: the League is a group of Harvard men who were responsible for a classmate’s injury back in their school days.   They felt guilty all this time and helped him out, but now he’s a successful author and no longer needs anyone’s help.   At this point, he apparently starts killing them off one by one or does he?   Only Nero Wolfe can figure it out, of course, and only for a great big pile of money.

This Golden Age Mystery is set in the U.S.  So I’m filling that block with it.   I think I’d like to see the movie.