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Bout of Books Friday Report

Much better.  Had my own mini readathon on a good day to stay inside and finished The Case is Closed.   As a bonus, in a pile of books I found a second copy of The Case is Closed.   One of these days I’ve got to get organized.    125 pages of that.   Unfortunately I knew how it was done from about page 30 because Agatha Christie had written a story with the same device in the previous decade.  Don’t know if Wentworth knew that and forgot it, never knew it, or stole it.   Still had to read to the end to make sure.

Also began Utz by Bruce Chatwin.   I bought this because it was set in Prague, then didn’t read it.   I was reminded by Susan Hill’s mention of Bruce Chatwin in Howard’s End is on the Landing.   It’s a quick read, very short.   Appropriate for the Mini Readathon I didn’t sign up for.   It’s more than half over now, so I could say I’m having a mini mini readathon – if I stop reading book bloggers and actually read some books.   It is another day good for staying inside.   Warmer, but grey and rainy.   So that was 56 pages of Utz yesterday/today.   Not sure when I crossed the midnight mark.  

Lonesome Road

An early Miss Silver mystery, Lonesome Road is the story of Miss Rachel Treherne who’s beset by greedy relatives – one of whom wants to hurry her to the grave.  A romantic tale, rather old-fashioned with its women characters being more the fainting type than the spunky type, but I do enjoy Miss Silver’s explanation at the end.   There’s at least one ‘I should have thought of that’ moments and the reasoning is sound.

It may be a while before I post again as I’ve started both The Luminaries and Buddenbrooks.   I couldn’t talk myself out of either one and they’re a combined 1500 pages or so.   Maybe I’ll slip in a mystery or finish up something I started a while ago just so it’s not a full year without a post.  

And there’s this temptress suggesting that November is the perfect time to read The Moonstone.   She could be right.