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Well, maybe.   I finished the 4th book which is all I’m challenged to, but I may go on.   It does seem to fit my mood.   The 4th book was the 3rd in Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s series on the Cemetery of Forgotten Books.  According to the author you can read them in any order, but I can’t imagine reading the Prisoner of Heaven first.   It would spoil so much in the other two.   Although I can’t remember the others all that well, it seemed like every section of Prisoner gave away what happened in the earlier two books.   I enjoyed Prisoner of Heaven though it was not as gripping as Shadow of the Wind or The Angel’s Game.  Still pretty gothic.   And I love the books intertwine with the characters lives.  This one centers on Daniel Sempere and Fermín.   I really should read the other two again, but I’m such a slow reader it would take ages and there are new things to read.

I’m also counting Prisoner for the European challenge.  Ruiz Zafón is Spanish and the book is set in Barcelona, so it’s my first book for that challenge.   It does not, however, count toward the Century of Books.