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Peril of the Short Story



I did not expect to do this Peril because I really don’t care for short stories.   They’re so… short.    But having read We Have Always Lived in the Castle earlier this month, I had thought there was something about ‘hundreds and thousands’ in it, but there wasn’t.   So, what was I remembering?   Upon googling it, it turns out I was remembering (at least may have been) the story The Tuesday Night Club – the first Jane Marple story.   I may have read this around the same time as Castle and it could be why I had conflated them in my head.  I have the book, so I read the story.  A clever idea, a quick read.   A bit too quick.  There’s barely anything to go on and it’s over.   Maybe I’ll feel more satisfied if I read the rest of them.  Even so, it was more satisfying than the second Agatha Raisin.   I read the first page and a half of the Vicious Vet and Agatha is at her most annoying having attempted to stalk her neighbor in the Bahamas, but failing because he was warned in time and went to Egypt instead.