Bleak House Part the 4th C. 33-39

It’s not technically Tuesday yet, but it is in England so, I’m saying that counts.    These were serviceable chapters.   Not terribly exciting, but kept the story moving along.  Lacking the excitement of going blind or going up in smoke.  Just as Guppy is going to lay his hand on the letters with Weevle’s help in swoop the Smallwoods with the Tulkinghorn minion to back them up.   I was disappointed, but then as things develop, they don’t matter so much.  Lady D has heard enough to know her daughter lived and strangely this does not fill her with inertia.   She seems… dare we say it?  maternal, even.    I wrote down what happened, briefly because it was all sort of forgettable.   Esther survives, which is good, cuz she’s the narrator.   She still won’t let Ada look at her nor will she even look at Ada, but eventually they’re rolling around on the floor embracing like the finest lesbian couple in literature.   And with each of them having a male love that cannot actually be their boyfriend for different reasons, they’re set for a life time of sharing a cottage and domestic bliss.   


Guppy turns out to be a gormless poltroon.   Esther should have tormented him a bit before swearing on a stack of Bibles he didn’t have to marry her.   Still, without the Gupster she would not have received her one and only maternal hug ever.   Poor George is forced to give up his sample of the Captain’s handwriting and this is why, boys and girls, you should never get into debt with small, weedy loan sharks.  Oh, and Rick.   What a tool.   Bringing Skimpole along.   Aren’t you in enough debt all on your own, young Rick?  And then Esther has a brief episode of idiocy and attempts to talk to Skimpole about Rick.   Really, Esther?    How could you not know how that was going to go?   

The parade of new characters has slowed to a crawl, but we still have got Vholes.  Rick you are such a prat.  Fire your lawyer, go back to camp and don’t spend any money for a few years.

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